Solution – How it works?
Search spare parts or services

The powerful search tool gives you the opportunity to find the correct part, repair capability or spare you are looking for. Upon finding, you can request for contact details of current spares owner. Search fast and easy by product group, part no., spare types etc. Supported for various categories. Find structured overview of search results with detailed information and filter functions. Send a request to your chosen contact persons and track the status of the communication process.

Value Added Services:

Platform also provides certain value added services for seamless spares trading experience.

    Spares Check Service

    Besides the economics, one has to address many technical issues in the purchase of used process plant equipment. Hence, it might be a prudent feature to check the spares condition before concluding a commercial deal

    Scope of spares check services involves following activities:

  • Documentation check – O&M manuals, drawings, as built drawings, design calculations, details of components, history of replacements, data on failures, and a spare parts list
  • Visual examination- Inspection to identify external corrosion, pitting, erosion, other damages, or missing parts, if any.
  • Preservation - Another important aspect to look into is how the equipment was preserved
  • Metallurgical assessment (need based)- Check creep limits and thickness by remaining life assessment studies
    Logistic Facilitation

    Generation loss owing to non-availability of spare is humungous upon unscheduled shutdown of a plant. Hence, it is equally important to seek spares in shortest possible time once its location is identified.

    We have identified logistics channel partners per region. Under this, our team would offer following facilitation services:

  • Send Enquiries – Enquiries would be sent to LSPs
  • Receive Quotations- Quotes would be received
  • Close the deal- Help close the deal with LSP